Open Letter To The Deputy Secretary-General Of United Nations - An IPOB Activist

As-salamu alaykum, Hajia Amina .J. Mohammed the Deputy secretary-general Of The United Nations from Fulani extraction and British breed.
Ma'am i am writing from your Fatherland Nigeria where insurgency, extra-judicial killings, gross violation of human rights, deprivation, subjugation, marginalization rule the roost before you left, to London in search of greener pastures.
I will be writing, as a citizen who is more patriotic to the geographical expression called Nigeria, sadly in practical terms because, i live and schooled in Nigeria, not in Britain, as you did, so disabuse your mind from ethnic biases at the sight of my name, as i can categorically attest to knowing Nigeria situation, better than you.
Ma'm, i am aware you are a British citizen, as you were born in Liverpool England and also a member of the Nigeria party All Progressive Congress(APC), that installed you as Minister Of Environment from 2015-2017.
It is also perceptible that the rationale for your nomination by the cabal is because, you are seen as the best candidate to protect, the selfish interest of both Britain and Nigeria, in forcing Nations with diverse Value system together, that yields the present CATCH-22 situation therein, but that will not be the basis of this piece.
Amidst extreme insecurities in Nigeria, i have been chewing over on why, there is total silence and effective action by, a Nigeria representative not just at the corridors of powers in a World body, but in the capacity of Deputy secretary-general, to an influential and renowned organisation like United Nations which should serve as the Hope of the common Man and Nations that are signatories to the charters.
While anticipating your swift action towards curtailing and retrenching the excesses of your kinsmen, boom... You disappointed the common Man, with your asseveration, as you literally stated; "Nigeria Is Better Than USA, Uk, Canada and All Others On Earth”.
Will it be maligning or defamation of character if, The Indigenous People forced into the Nigeria entity, accuse you of massaging the ego of corrupt politicians in Nigeria and the cabals whose arrogance is based on terrorism, by beautifying their illicit actions in the chambers of United Nations?
Being a Female like you, I could be carried away by emotions, but will glue to professional ethics of journalism, in making my submissions.
Permit me to quiz you pertinently;
*Why The Silence On Gross Violation Of Indigenous People’s Rights?*
Hajia, this question is not directed to fault you, over the silence before your emergence as the Secretary-General, but after your appointment.
As a Mother who beget a Child, if your Son Nadine Ibrahim, is gruesomely killed by security agents meant to protect him, i am optimistic it won't be disdained.
You occupy a very influential Human right defending position, but the subjugated in your region are yet to feel a positive impact.
Youths who got delighted, had their Hopes raised after your appointment, awaiting a high-speed intervention against the murderous actions of the Nigeria security agents and right infringement by presumed elites, got their hopes dashed and the glaring disappointment can not be over emphasised.
The executive arm of Nigeria Government, took over the rule of Law, Convict citizens without an order from a court of jurisdiction, with indemnity.
Citizen Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho, Ibrahim El Zakzaky are cases in point.
Youths who have been subjugated into penury and pains, voluntarily in unity decided to peacefully protest against Police Brutality, by hoisting the Countries Flag, were gunned down.
Soldiers were seen ordering " _Fire Fire_ ", at unarmed peaceful protesters, resulting to massive number of promising Youths killed and others abducted.
Students, Citizens are kidnapped by Government sponsored bandits and in turn Ransome are paid from the Nations treasury.
Despite the pains, The citizens hope was still tied to the apron string of your office for justice, but you choose to mortify the graves of the killed victims, by asserting Nigeria to be a safe place over, UK where you reside for safety.
*Are You The Stooge Sitting On Petitions By Human Right Organizations Against Nigeria, Before The UN?*
Several petitions, appeals have been officially sent to the United Nations by renowned organisations and associations, but discarded.
With your contrary assertions on Nigeria chaotic state, i find it Paramount, to let you know, your actions depicts a stooge.
*Why Is The United Nations Troop Not In The North?*
Ma'am you are decendant of Uthman Danfodio and a Fulani from the British created Northern protectorate, that breeds World categorised terrorists.
ISIS, Bokoharam, Bandits, Fulani Herdsmen and various nomenclatures.
The killings in Southern Kaduna is hitting your Fatherland, there are IDP Camps even in the Federal Capital Territory, yet you present false reports, over the obvious situation to the organisation, reason the United Nations Troop have not be sent to those regions, not even your very own North East.
Perhaps, you await the total annihilation of innocent citizens before intervening positively, hence if you can't fix your home, then you cant fix Nations inhabiting millions of humans.
*Is Self Determination Not In The United Nations Charter?*
Article 3 of the United Nations charter states;
_"Indigenous peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development"._
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights;
Article 1
1. All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
2. All peoples may, for their own ends, freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any obligations arising out of international economic co-operation, based upon the principle of mutual benefit, and international law. In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of existence.
The Indigenous People Of Biafra led by Citizen Nnamdi Kanu have been exercising such rights, but tagged Terrorist, illegally Abducted, Charged for Treason and gruesomely killed.
Oduduwa activists and other Indigenous People towing same licit pathway suffer similar lethal fate.
Being a presumed lettered individual, you should discern that, IPOB call for Referendum is not tantamount to War, hence the charters as mentioned above, can be exercised under the United Nations supervisions, without a spill of blood.
Citizen Nnamdi Kanu was extraordinarily renditioned by Kenya authority that has ZERO extradition treaty with Nigeria, which is against the International Law and infringement of his human rights.
Before you display an ignorant face, don't deny the fact that well documented Petitions by IPOB and even her Leader who is a Prisoner of conscience have been sent with factual grounded evidence and are still anticipating a rejoinder.
The United Nations Special Rapporteur visited your region in the North East and Old Eastern region(My region), conducted forensic investigations on gross contravention of human rights, by the Nigeria Government against her citizens, Her findings were not only submitted to your office, but publicised, thus we await sanctions on the Buhari led Government, presently with you in New York City, for the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly.
Ma'am i humbly beseech you, to drag your already stained name out of the mud and act accordingly, without prejudice.
Nigeria is not better than even the poorest country in the World, hence she was categorised as the most unsafe place to live in Africa.
The Poor, Deprived, Marginalised and Common Man appeal for a swift action against extra-judicial killings and a facilitation of member States of the organisation, to unbiasedly do the needful, by conducting a Referendum for every Indigenous People exercising their rights to Self Determination, for a stitch in time saves nine.
Yours Sincerely
An IPOB Activist

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