7 ways Nigerian men can remain virgins, No. 3 is strange

The world is full of impunity and filth, and male virgins have become very scarce.

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If you are a man and you are still a virgin, here’s how to maintain your purity:

1. First of all, know that the world is out to corrupt you.

Male virgins are scarce and those who have lost theirs are eager to drag you down that path of impurity. This knowledge will guide your actions and how you live your life.

2. Live your life as though everyday was #NoNutNovember.

For you, the only time the nut must be spilled is your wedding night. Any spilling before that day will remove your name from the list of virgins.

3. Stay away from women.

Those people are out to snatch your virginity, your God-given virtue. They will stop at nothing until they strip you of it. They will buy you food, they will call you sweet names, they will even call you big head. Don’t fall. Once they collect your virginity, you have become like a sucked orange. Your use is limited.

4. Don’t watch porn.

Do we even need to tell you this? And please, stay away from other sexual activities like kissing, giving head, etc. Don’t turn on the generator when you don’t have anything to power. Don’t start what you cannot finish.

5. Avoid indecent dressing.

You should avoid wearing clothes that reveal your masculine body parts like thighs, abs, shape of your ‘something’. How you dress is how you will be addressed. In a world full of men who have lost their virginity, always ensure you stand out.

6. Topless photos? Let it not be you.

You know why? Small chest that you will post and ladies will jump at you and say, ‘Knock Knock’ in your DM. They won’t tell you their agenda, but from entering your DM, they will enter your bed and use you. And what happens afterwards? You have become a second-hand man, damaged goods. They have looted your shop and packed all the palliatives there.

7. Virginity is the best gift you can give your wife.

Always bear this in mind. And a marriage founded on the rock of your male virginity is the only way to longevity. Don’t ruin your future for 3 minutes of enjoyment. That way, your wife will be able to brag to the children that, “Your father was a virgin when I married him.”

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