Actress Cha Cha Eke Says She Is Still Married To Her Husband And Says Her Brother Had No Right Trying To Ruin Her Marriage


She posted a video to narrate exactly what was wrong with her. Read the text below.


According to her

”Hello everyone

My name is Cha Cha Eke Faani and I am alive, as you can see from this video, I’m pregnant.
And it has been peculiar with my four Pregnancies Everytime I’m pregnant something in me just erupts. These things that erupted have been diagnosed a few days ago called bipolar disorder.

It makes me do crazy things, do crazy things and act crazily. Over the years I have suffered episodes, and I didn’t know, it was always making me different inside for years.

On the 3rd of October, I had another episode that drove me out of my house, i found myself going to zenith Bank to withdraw money , and to do a welcome back of my phone line that I destroyed myself. It was as my husband tried to stop me that I realized it was a Saturday. When that failed, still acutely manifesting from bipolar disorder, I found myself at sound gate hotel where Nollywood people usually camp and made departure

Prior to that day I never knew I had bipolar but my husband knew. He found out two weeks ago after a visit to the hospital. Three days to third of October I had another episode that landed me at the hospital still first Delta American hospital. It was so bad I regretted the action that came with this episode but my hospital didn’t tell me it was bipolar disorder when I go discharged.

Dr. Isioma Okobo the doctor and owner of the hospital told my husband but he was finding a better way to break the news to me when another relapse happened. He tried to get me my medicines I didn’t know I was a victim of that , so I took my anger on him when he asked if I took my medicines.

Growing up I didn’t like to take drugs but look at all the medicines they gave him from the hospital visit.

I started flushing them down the toilet, and three days I missed them resulted in that embarrassing display in front of South gates. My husband said “take your drugs “and I said how dare you insinuate like the nurses and doctors that am mentally ill, that was his only crime. I said crazy things, like I want to leave my husband, I’m not leaving my husband, I will never leave him, my children, my home, and family. Having a home being Mrs Faani and being a mum to my beautiful children is too much blessings to be taken for granted.

I say this to as many that are out there that care about me as a brand, Cha Cha Eke Faani, I didn’t leave my home ,I’m not leaving my husband. Saying that I’m leaving in that video is one of the crazy episode bipolar patients go through.

I realized that the video I posted defending my husband, allegedly being a wife beater led to some people insinuating more mess.

My younger brother who I saw last, in May 12 , 2019. I had my son on the 10th of May 2019 and I saw AIK on the 12th. I haven’t set my eyes on him for almost two years now. Even when I called this year he didn’t pick my calls and here you are putting fire where there is none, creating doubts everywhere. People don’t know what to believe because you are my brother. But I here I am speaking to the world before this time there have been an edge long string between me and the Eke family so it’s no surprise that my brother would come to say what a detractor would say. AIK stop it! It’s not cute.

I deserve better from who I have been nothing but good to. I also realized that there are some people like Victoria inyama and Georgina Onuoha::::

I choose to translate your videos as someone who loves me because it takes love for someone to start raising alarm and proclaiming on behalf of a person.

This is not me trying to save my marriage nor is it damage control. I’m pregnant for what would have been my fifth child. If not for the post traumatic situations I have had in the past which I would translate into a movie. But hey guys, I’m back as Mrs Faani, I was discharged on the 7th of October. We are in Abuja. I thank my husband, for his patience through out this past days.

I finally know what is wrong with me I am not ashamed to share my story, my experience. I have embraced it totally. I thank my family”.

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