Doctor who fled UK after accusing Twitter influencer Dr Olufunmilayo of rape, arraigned in Lagos

Bolanle Aseyan who triggered rounds of controversy months ago after accusing popular UK-based Doctor and Twitter influencer, Dr Olufunmilayo of rape has reportedly been arraigned in a Lagos court over ”false rape allegation.”

Recall that after Aseyan petitioned the UK police and medical authorities, and also sought for the withdrawal of Olufunmilayo’s licence based on the allegations, he was cleared of the allegation in the UK and a false accusation complaint was also filed against her.

#EndSARS activist, Segun Awosanya a.k.a Segalink confirmed the arraignment of the female doctor in Nigeria by sharing a photo of the charge sheet on Twitter. He also disclosed that Aseyan was remanded in police custody pending the perfection of her bail conditions after being arraigned before the Yaba Magistrates’ Court on five counts bordering on false accusation and extortion on Wednesday September 9.

One of the charges read;

“That you, Bolanle Aseyan, and others currently at large between June 29, 2020 and July 1, 2020, at No. 12a Molade Okoya Thomas Street, Adeniyi Jones, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did conspire with others now at large to cause injury to the person, reputation and profession of Dr Olufunmilayo Ogunsanya by your false publication on the social media tagging him as a rapist, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 413 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.”

Segalink tweeted;

There is a trend on Twitter that is ruinous. Idle souls seeking a vicarious adventure through the life of another sit back and play Judge rather than observe. After all, intelligence demands doubting, questioning & not being impressionable or biased when cases arise

Evidence & patterns show vividly that everyone is still healing from things they rarely speak about but if keen attention is paid to their actions you can’t but see the projection of personal failings. Let me walk you through a popular allegation that once shook the Twitterspace.

A certain Bola Aseyan, who barely got out of medical school with tons of misdemeanors & other public disturbance allegations, and recently took a trip to the UK just to record another, in the bid to incriminate a popular Dr Olufunmilayo as evidence clearly shows. 

Twitter was engulfed by her false rape allegation and premeditated attempt to assassinate the character of a young UK based Doctor whose major crime was his naivety & kindness. 
Audio evidence of a phone conversation between the aggressor & her trusted friend reveals that she deliberately plotted everything from Nigeria with the enumeration of her objectives with a checklist which included but not limited to; the procurement of seductive clothes & the narration of her seductive intent as gathered. It was a gory script too unsettling to repeat.

Upon achieving her aim to have an intercourse on foreign soil with her target, she probably missed some plots that may fit into her planned incrimination & she did all that she could to try again, leading to another consensual sexual episode which she’s failed to mention.

Again, these sexual episodes were missing vital ingredients for her plot and she got desperate. Records show her conversation with her trusted ally on the entire incidents especially how she actively/desperately seduced Dr Olufunmilayo to the point where he had to run for safety.

In her account to this ally, who voluntarily presented his statement to the investigation in Lagos, she deemed Dr Olufunmilayo uncooperative and possible gay for avoiding her entreaties & seductive approaches. Another witness physically present in such occasion corroborated this.

I want to believe it was at this point that she felt frustrated and decided to weaponize all that transpired as premeditated. She deployed any and every trivial matter to suit the narrative of her plot and proceeded on a diabolical journey to ruin the career & life of her target.

As backed by a few drama queens on Twitter, she went to the UK Police & GMC to lodge a complaint painting a grotesque picture of violent sexual assault. Unfortunately for her & those rooting for her, UK Police are not as gullible. They investigated & cleared Dr Olufunmilayo.

She had expected that the Police would make an arrest based on her falsehood & that they GMC will seize the license of Dr Olufunmilayo but none of her evil intentions came to pass. The GMC carried out their investigation in collaboration with the police & sat twice.

Like any ethical professional organization, they had to do something. When they received the police report on the matter that there is no criminal offense on the allegation brought forward as they have discontinued the chronomicide (bloody waste of time).

The GMC also felt this has nothing to do with professional misconduct but decides to still follow up on the allegation till the lady retraces her steps. But as the investigation later found, Dr Funmi filed a suit against her and she sneaked out of the UK to Nigeria.

Suffice to say that she evaded justice in the Uk & crept out like a fugitive. Court papers, UK police emails and all evidences to back up the above are before @SIAF_NG . Upon, the alert that she eloped from the UK, reports were filed in Lagos with the Police.

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