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Furah Dread is a songwriter, guitar player, composer & lead singer, born as Fundile Guqa on 17 SEPTEMBER 1991 at Bizana town in Eastern Cape province, South Africa. best known as Tuta. he is a third born in his parents. growing up & living in Bizana when he was 2 years old in 1993 went to Welkom at Free state Province with her mother to stay where his Father was working ( at Anglo gold Ashanti mine).

then he came back to Bizana, in 1994 when he was 3 years started his Primary education at United Methodist Church, then went to Gecelo J.P.S passed grade 1,2, 3 from 1998- 2000. he was herding his Father's cattles when he was young.

on 2001 went to Ndunge J.S.S to do grade 4-9. on 2007 went to high school, doing maths, physical science, life science & geography. when Lucky Dube passed away is when he was started to do more research about Rastafarian livity, he was listening reggae music artist like Peter Tosh, Bob Marley & Bunny Wailer to hear more about Rastafarian Livity & knowledge about the King of Ethiopia (Haile Selassie ) & learning about the history of Africa. he kept his hair growing.

on 2009 he was doing grade 12 & is when he started to be a Rasta going to Zion with Bizana Rastaz to sing the Rastafari song. in his community he grows up he was the first Rasta because there were no Rastaz in his community growing in. passed matric then he decided to repeat matric again to improve his result. he was good at maths & physics.

on 2010 he passed matric with a bachelor's degree then he stayed at home on 2011 he met with other Bradaman (musician) in dub & he decided to work with him to start his music career to spread peace & love all over the world & on January 2012 he went to North West at Northam a small town close to Rustenburg where his father working ( Anglo American platinum mine) looking for School but had never got a school, he stayed there with his father for 5 months, writing songs singing in the room when he was alone & his father was at work. on June he went back to Bizana. started to do his music ( FURAH Music). on July he went to Durban Kwa Zulu Natal province at the Mangosuthu University of Technology to study Surveying Engineering. he bought his own Guitar. 
beside music, he is also a soccer player.

on 2013 Furah didn't do music. on June 2014 he was back on practice writing songs & composing. he still doing more & also composing his songs on his own guitar, he worked with the Durban band called Youngest & Buffalo band, he was playing a vocal guitar. he says his mission is to help people in the world, he wishes to travel all over the world, all continents Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa & so on spreading love & the ways of living.

Furah Dread has performed live on 28 August 2016 in How long park, Durban eMlazi, Reggae women festival celebration sharing the stage with hip hop, Reggae & Afro-pop artists. he performed his song called I WAS A PRISONER, alongside with Ras Youngest on the Drummer.

On 28 February 2017 Furah Dread recorded his single called Smoking in Durban. where Colin Peddie was a producer & took 3 hours to record, mix & master the song. The main message of the song Smoking was to educate the people about the danger of smoking cigarettes compare to using marijuana, Smoking cigarettes make cancer that kills the nation, so this is what the song is about, ''Marijuana has no harmful effect on human body its a medicine'' if you spliff it not abusing it, meaning mixing it with some dangerous substances like cigarette, in terms of medicine in Africa traditional healers also use it to heal the people, some use it to vomit when they have some diseases. On 24 April 2019 Furah released another single called I was a prisoner, recorded in the same studio. On 14 January 2020 Furah Dread released his third single called People Must Stop, where he tell the people to stop abusing and killing each other. ''Unity is the must, living as one that's will make us free'' that's what Furah says on the song. thanks a lot to the radio DJs to download my songs and include them on their show for airplay.

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