Cynthia Morgan roars on her Instagram as she demands her money from Jude Okoye

Cynthia Morgan’s new behavior on her instagram live shows that she is suffering and smiling.

It was obvious to many that the once popular music singer has been been ridiculed by poverty after she cane out recently to solicit for help from Nigerians.

She also alleged that her former boss, Jude Okoye, who she partnered with in her music business ruined her career because of his selfish interest.

Cynthia Morgan has now come out again to publicly demand for her money from Jude Okoye, alleging that he owes her and she is tired of living in extreme poverty while Jude enjoys exotic lifestyles with her money.

Social media users are suggesting she went to Jude’s house to demand the money.

“He needs to give me my money and I am going live. Everybody has to hear about it.
I am suffering, this nigga is owing me money and he needs to pay me my money, cause no be wetin Nigerians know be that. He lied on me that I am owing him but na him dey owe me money” she said.

Watch the videos below…

This happened live on Instagram few minutes ago. Cynthia Morgan I think at Judes apartment asking for her money. See clips

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