Leader of dreaded ‘one million boys’ reportedly shot dead in Oyo state

A leader of a notorious gang, Biola Ebila, has been killed in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital after a reported gun duel between him and a rival gang, Vanguard reports. Until his death, the warlord was the leader of a dreaded ‘one million boys,’ a violent gang that has caused violence in the state.

He was also on the wanted list of the Oyo state police command over his alleged involvement in the killing of a leader of another notorious gang, Ekugbemi some weeks ago.

Another source quoted in the report, however, claimed that the gang leader was shot by security agents when he was resisting arrest.

While confirming his death, the police spokesman in Oyo state SP Gbenga Fadeyi said the corpse of the notorious gang leader was brought to the police in a tricycle on Sunday, July 12.

“I don’t have information yet about the cause of his death. His boys have been making frantic efforts to prevent the police from having access into that Kudeti area for many days.”

“Our men had been dispatched to the area to investigate the incident. When properly briefed, we shall be able to give a detailed account of what actually happened. For now, I cannot tell you much,” he said.

In recent times, Nigeria has been bewildered with a series of major security challenges threatening to throw the nation into crisis.

Groups like ‘one million boys’ in some parts of the country, terrorise innocent citizens as security agencies seem overwhelmed.

Ranging from kidnapping, armed banditry, killings, abductions and terrorist attacks these and many other constitutes of the major form of insecurity Nigeria as a country is currently facing.

Experts say the insecurity challenge in Nigeria has assumed a formidable dimension that not only requires a multistakeholder approach in quelling the situation, but also necessitates a revival and reinforcement of moral values and virtues.

Nigerian leaders and politicians have been asked to evince and uphold moral values and virtues in all their conduct in order to lead by example and to avoid heating up the polity unnecessarily by their conducts and comments which sometimes incite violence in their followers.

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