Actress Ngozi Nwosu Talks About The Day She Almost Died

In a recent Instagram interview with Chude Jideonwo, the actress disclosed that she had A close shave with death a few months ago.

“After a shoot that fateful day, I went into my room to get water from the fridge, and that was it. I fell and blanked out. When I regained consciousness, I thought it was just a minor thing until I tried to get up and walk. I kept telling myself ‘Ngozi get up and walk’ but I couldn’t. I was looking at my phone, yet I couldn’t call for help. I was like this could be the end of the road. I couldn’t really understand what happened.

I couldn’t move my leg. It was stiff. I cried and cried. I couldn’t reach anyone to help out. Then, I went back to God and said, ‘If truly I serve you, this would not be the end of the road. Just give me the grace to get up and open the door for help’. I was lying there looking at myself helpless. After a while, the strength came from nowhere, I had to use my buttocks to crawl. Then I held unto the door, managed to open it, and then screamed. Help came and I passed out again,” she recalled.

Reacting to the rumours that she had leukemia, the thespian stated, “Then I started hearing that I had leukemia. I was getting calls from everywhere. At a point, I had to ask myself again, ‘Ngozi are you sure you are alive?’ I know leukemia is cancer of the blood. I looked at myself and my hair is still intact, every part of me still intact. I just sat down and started crying. Well, that’s part of the prizes we have to pay as celebrities. In fact, the prize you pay to be a celebrity is too high. If I didn’t handle it the way I did then, it would have led me into depression.”

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