‘Worship At Home; It Is Very SAFE At Home’ – Federal Govt Tells Nigerians

The National Coordinator of the Presidential Task Force on Coronavirus in Nigeria, Sani Aliyu at a recent press briefing revealed the government’s statement on worshipping at home.
According to the Federal Government, it is safer to worship at home than to go to worship centres.
In the briefing, he said;
“There is no doubt that COVID-19 is still around. There is no doubt that it is safer to stay at home and there is no doubt that it safer for you to worship at home.
The PTF is providing safety advisories in the event that you need to fulfill your spiritual need and you cannot do it at home but we are not making recommendations for people to go to places of worship.
We are providing advisories to enable them do so safely. It is still better to do your worship at home. COVID-19 has not gone away. You only need to look at the numbers. We are in the exponential phase of the illness.
We have move as a country to third place in Africa and because of our population, we could also move to the second or the first. So, now is the time to continue to take precautionary measures. It is not time to relax.”

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