Pastor Adeboye Of RCCG Says He Will Kill Anyone Who Messes Around With His Wife

Pastor E.A Adeboye has been trending on social media right after a new video of the powerful cleric surfaced online.
The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in the new viral video revealed that he did not have a problem with anyone chastising him for any of his preachings or doctrines at all.

He further went ahead to say that if anyone tries to mess around with his beautiful wife, he would kill the person.
The man of God said that he would kill the person so much that the person won’t even be able to rise on the day of resurrection.
A good number of people have quizzes as to why the respected cleric would make such a video and share online, but the reasons are unclear at the moment.
It can be recalled that the cleric has come under heavy chastisement for some prophecies he made recently about Coronavirus.
The video comes as a serious surprise to a good number of social media users who have been sharing their thoughts on the video. Some claim, that he is being protective of his wife and they think it’s the ideal thing to do, while some questioned his choice of words as he mentioned the word killing.

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