Sam Adeyemi reacts after Pastor Dele Olawale tested positive to covid-19

A UK based Nigerian pastor, Dele Olawale has shared his experience after he contracted the covid-19 virus and he has warned people to beware because it is no child’s play.

Dele Olawale’s post was also liked by Pastor San Adeyemi and he also dropped a comment after Pastor Dele summarized his nightmare when he caught the virus, in a tweet he posted on his official twitter page.

Despite the necessary precautions, I caught Covid-19. I was @ death’s door for over two weeks and His grace saved me. Listen, quote the scriptures, speak your grammar and say your prayers but make sure you don’t catch it as no one knows what d outcome will be. It was a nightmare!

Reacting to the post, Sam Adeyemi wrote; We praise God for this great deliverance. The lesson is taken, that we must do everything possible to avoid the virus. God is your strength.

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