Actress Omotola celebrates husband with lovely uniform photos on World Pilots’ Day

World Pilots’ Day is celebrated in honour of the first flight made by Fesa Evrensev, the first pilot to receive a brevet in Turkey on April 26. Since then, the celebration has been acknowledged on the same day. 

World Pilots’ Day 2020 was celebrated on Sunday, April 26, and Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde acknowledged the day, using the opportunity to pay honour to her husband, Captain Matthew Ekeinde.
In the mood of celebration, the actress took to her official Instagram page to pay respect to her pilot husband. Although Omotola stated that she has not heard about Pilot’s Day until recently, she said that it was better late to celebrate it than never.
Describing her husband as one of the best pilots that Africa has produced, the film star said that his passengers have attested that he has the smoothest landing ever.
She noted that her husband is a cordial, jovial and extremely reliable training Captain.
According to HowStuffWorks, the captain is the pilot who makes all the command decisions and is responsible for the flight’s safety. The captain’s job is said to call for tough decisions and requires more than just the technical skill involved in flying the airplane.
While thanking all pilots who people rely on to fly them safely to the ground, Omotola noted that she feels safest when her husband is the one flying her.

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